Here we go again!

Hi all!

First I would just like to apologize for the site being down/ under construction for so long. I’ve had a very busy year (which I will tell you all about) and fixing up my website just became one of those things I postponed over and over and over. I finally managed to steal a few moments though – et voila! Here I am.

So… what’s been going on? I’m glad you asked!

As planned – I managed to get married and finish my MA last year, so here you have a photo of me, looking all smart’n fancy.


After…. well before actually. It should have gone finish MA – get married – start company, but in stead it went start company – get married – finish MAWhich, truth be told, turned that whole period into a stressful, but beautiful mess of events. Anyway, what I’m getting at is that I started a game dev company along with 10 other fantastic people. The company is called Henchman & Goon, and we are currently half way through production of our first game, Flem. If you’re interested in finding out more about the game and/or company, head over to our website

We’re also on Facebook

and Twitter



I then spent the spring travelling around to conferences. I did Animex, which was wonderful as usual, as well as a bunch of smaller 1-2-day con’s here in Norway, but the highlight was definitely that I got the opportunity to go to GDC San Francisco. I was granted a scholarship from the IGDA which gave me a full access pass, and access to a bunch of amazing pre-planned stuff along with the other scholars. We got to visit Three Rings and Double Fine, and met some awesome people. I sincerely hope I’ll be able to go again next year.




After getting back home, all over stimulated and inspired, I was given the responsibility of inviting speakers to a local games conference called Konsoll, as well as asked to be MC for the whole thing. Which was both an honor and a bit scary. And this is where I’m ending this post. Konsoll just ended, and I’ve decided it deserves it’s own post in order to get room for all the awesomeness.

Thanks y’all



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